Week 7: Recreation and Rest

Practical tools for families to connect and build character together while at home.

Elementary – Family Character Workouts – Week 7

Home Theater

Make some popcorn and curl up as a family with a good movie. All other distractions turned off and put them away. Take it up a notch by moving things around to make it more of a theater experience. Bust out some blankets or build a mini fort or get some extra cups from a local restaurant or theater and make it feel like the real thing. Afterwards talk about the movie as a family by sharing favorite parts or lessons learned.

Elementary – Family Character Workouts – Week 7

The Mindful Family

Download one of the free mindfulness apps and spend 5 minutes a day trying out some of the techniques. You can also search for some mindful moments online and play a video. Can you work your way up this week to 10 minutes of silence in a room together? Sometimes silence is golden.