Week 4: Play

Practical tools for families to connect and build character together while at home.

Elementary – Family Character Workouts – Week 4


Create a playlist of songs for a family member and send it to them with a note explaining why you chose those songs. Even if you just find one song online or copy and paste some lyrics that stand out to you, music can be a beautiful way to connect! And, each time they hear that song, they’ll think of you (and you of them!)

Elementary – Family Character Workouts – Week 4

Home Games

Set up a 5 event tournament that involves some silly game and some cleanup games to make tidying up fun. Look up some “minute to win it” type games and combine them with some household chores. For example, see who can gold and put away 10 pieces of clothing the fastest and then see who can use the clothes hanger as a golf club to hit some balled socks the farthest. Winner gets the grand prize…whatever you want it to be!