Virtual Educator Resources (Overview)

Welcome to CharacterStrong’s Virtual Educator Resources!

During these challenging times, we have an opportunity to work together, build creative solutions, and exercise compassion.

The CharacterStrong Team has been working on overdrive fueled by the purpose of serving educators who are navigating new waters. We are thrilled to provide this digital toolkit with resources to make sure you are still able to meet the needs of your students and staff – physically or virtually.

We’ve divided up the resources (you can find these links on the navigation bar to the left on computers and up top on phones) into Elementary and Secondary tools. You’ll notice that each has a few categories:

  • Videos with Questions: We have 2 videos per week that are age appropriate for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-12 related to various character and social-emotional skills. You’ll find a meaningful video and some questions you can use for discussion.
  • Teacher Character Workouts: 2 challenges a week that put a focus on self-care, relationship-building, and character development. Feel free to download the images and share with your team or on social media!
  • Family Character Workouts: We know that many educators are also parents and guardians who are now on double duty. We also know that you have families in your community you want to serve. We are providing 2 challenges a week to help provide meaningful conversations and activities.
  • Student Character Workouts: At the secondary level, we have provided 2 challenges a week for students to maintain a focus on character. We also put out a CharacterDare every Tuesday on our Instagram and have students from all over the country reflecting on their experience.


We will release the new week’s content every Sunday so you can hit the ground running each Monday with tools and purpose! Feel free to explore the Samples on the menu as well, which include a variety of SEL, character, and leadership lessons for grades K-12.

This is just one way we want to support during this time. We will be holding a Whole Child Virtual Summit in April, Virtual Assemblies over the coming 2 months, and asking students and staff to follow along with our 30 Day Kindness Journal starting Monday, March 16th.

We’ve got this, together.

However you choose to use this content, we are here to help!

Our Best,
The CharacterStrong Team